IC 1182  - A Member of Abell 2151


On the left side you find a 200% zoom of the Abell2151 image centered on  IC1182.

IC 1182 is well known as a peculiar galaxy because of its eastwards directed tail with blue  knots  (size 1.3' - 200,000 Ly).

The inverted image shows a faint second tail towards the NW.

The second  fainter tail was reported by Moles et al 2004 for the first time and can be detected with only 4" aperture!

The image below was published in year 2004 in Astronomy & Astrophysics. Moles et al 2004 concluded that IC 1182 is a system of two galaxies, in the process of merging, with two tidal tails emerging from the central region of the galaxy. The knots in the main tail are developing tidal dwarf galaxies.