M 7  -  Ptolemy's Cluster

50% resolution (900kB)

Object identification (900kB)

Object data of M7

Object type: open cluster (I3r)
Size: 80'
Magnitude: 3.0 mag
Constellation: Sco
Distance: 800 Ly

Three further open star clusters can be found in the above image:

  • NGC6444
  • NGC6453
  • Trumpler 30

Exposure data

Date: 2009-09-10
Location: La Palma / Spain (1700m)
Telescope: Rubinar300 (2.5" Maksutov Cassegrain f=300mm)
Camera: EOS1000D (ISO400)
Mount: Astrotrac TT320X
Exposure time: 44x2m
Exposure time total: 1h 28m