Messier 46

50% resolution (1.0MB)

Object identification (1.0MB)

Mosaic image (M46+M47)

Object data of M46

Object type: open star cluster (II2r)
Size: 27'
Magnitude: 6.1 mag
Constellation: Pup
Distance: 4,500 Ly
Notes: Messier 46 is a very rich star cluster, with 150 stars of mag 10-13 and probably a total population of over 500. As a special and famous feature which is also obvious in the above image, a planetary nebula (NGC 2438) appears within the apparent borders of M46. This nebula is most probably not a true member but is superimposed, or perhaps a passing guest.

The object identification image shows a further planetary nebula: M 1-18 is much fainter than NGC2438.

A further open star cluster can be found near the right border of the above image (NGC 2425).

The mosaic image shows the nearness of M46 to M47.

Exposure data

Date: 2011-03-11
Location: Nussbach / Austria (400m)
Telescope: TeleVue NP101 (4" Apo f=540mm)
Camera: EOS1000D (ISO400)
Mount: WAM 650
Exposure time: 67x2m
Exposure time total: 2h 14m
Notes: captured in a night with bad seeing. So, no image with the Newtonian telescope was made.