M 55

50% resolution (600kB)

80% crop (600kB)

Object data of M55

Object type: globular cluster (XI)
Size: 19.1'
Magnitude: 6.3 mag
Constellation: Sgr
Distance: 17,000 Ly

Messier 55 is a quite large globular star cluster in the constellation Sagittarius, but has a very loose appearence.

Exposure data

Date: 2010-08-09
Location: Australia - Northern Galactic Members Telescope (Remote)
Telescope: 16'' RCOS (f=3700mm)
Camera: Apogee U9000 with Astrodon filters
Binning: L 1x1 / RGB 1x1
Exposure time: L 14x3m / R 7x5m / G 7x5m / B 7x5m
Exposure time total: 2h 27m
Notes: Image acquisition by Herbert Walter; image processing by Bernhard Hubl