Messier 78

Full resolution (1600x1200 px  292kB)

Object Identification in 50% size (800x600 px 180kB)

Object data of M78

Object type: reflection nebula
Size: 8'
Magnitude: 8,0
Constellation: Ori
Distance: 1600 Ly

Exposure data

Date: 2005-02-07 + 2005-02-08
Location: Schlierbach / Austria (400m)
Telescope: TeleVue NP101 (4" Apo f=540mm)
Camera: ST2000XM with CFW8 and SBIG Filters
  Binning: L 1x1  /   RGB 2x2
  Exposure time: L 42x8m / R 9x8m / G 9x4m / B 9x4m
Exposure time total: L 336min    /   RGB 144 min

very foggy weather

McNeils nebula is clearly visible! This is a new nebula, discovered by Jay McNeil