M 85

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DSLR widefield image

Object data of M85

Object type: Galaxy (S0)
Size: 7.4' x 5.9'
Magnitude: 10.0mag
Constellation: Com
Distance: 47 Mio Ly
Notes: Messier 85 is a bright, somewhat elongated lenticular galaxy of some 125,000 light-years across, located 47 million light-years away in the constellation of Coma Berenices. It is the northernmost member of the Virgo Cluster and is interacting with the nearby barred spiral galaxy NGC 4394. Although classified as a lenticular S0 galaxy, and sometimes thought to be an elliptical galaxy, Messier 85 shows indications of a spiral structure. It has a very complex outer structure with shells and ripples that are thought to have been caused by a merger with another galaxy that took place between 4 and 7 billion years ago.

Exposure data

Date: 2017-03-25 until 2017-05-18 (9 nights)
Location: Nussbach / Austria (400m)
Telescope: 12" Newtonian telescope (f=1120mm)
Camera: QSI 660wsg-8 with Astrodon filters
Binning: L 1x1 / RGB 1x1
Mount: ASA DDM85
Exposure time: L 82x8min / R 32x8min / G 32x8min / B 32x8min
Exposure time total: 23h 44min