M 101  -  Pinwheel Galaxy

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Object data of M101

Object type: galaxy (SBc)
Size: 28'
Magnitude: 8.2 mag
Constellation: UMa
Distance: 22 Mio Ly

The alternate name of the big face on galaxy M101 in constellation UMa is 'Pinwheel Galaxy', because of it's grand spiral arms. M101 is a huge galaxy with a visible diameter of 170,000 light years.

Many HII regions are visible along the spiral arms.

Exposure data

Date: 2009-05-27 + 2009-06-13+17
Location: Nussbach / Austria (400m)
Telescope: 12" Newtonian telescope (f=1120mm)
Camera: ST2000XM with CFW8 and Baader Filters
Binning: L 1x1 / RGB 2x2
Exposure time: L 27x12m / R 11x8m / G 11x8m / B 11x8m
Exposure time total: 9h 48m