NGC 1532  -  Wide Field

50%  resolution (2.2MB)

Image with RC 14.5"

Object data of NGC 1532

Object type: Galaxy (SBb)
Size: 11.6' x 3.4'
Magnitude: 10.6 mag
Constellation: Eri
Distance: 55 Mio Ly
Notes: NGC 1532 is a bright spiral galaxy in constellation Eridanus. This galaxy is clearly interacting with one of it's dwarf galaxies, the amorphous dwarf galaxy NGC 1531. The tidal forces from this interaction have created unusual plumes above the disk of NGC 1532.

Exposure data

Date: 2015-10-08 + 2015-10-10 + 2015-10-11
Location: Hacienda Los Andes / Chile (1100m)
Telescope: Astro-Physics 105 EDFS Traveler f/6
Camera: Canon EOS 500D (ISO 800)
Mount: Astro-Physics AP1200GTO
Exposure time: 40x8min
Exposure time total: 5h20min
Notes: Image acquisition by CEDIC team (Markus Blauensteiner, Christoph Kaltseis, Bernhard Hubl)

Image processing by Markus Blauensteiner