NGC 6334  +  NGC 6357

40%  resolution (2.0MB)

Object data of NGC6334

Object type: Emission nebula
Size: 50'
Magnitude: -
Constellation: Sco
Distance: 5,500 Ly
Notes: NGC 6334 (also known as the Cat's Paw Nebula) is an emission nebula and star-forming region located in the constellation Scorpius.

Exposure data

Date: 2017-07-23
Location: ATHOS Centro Astronomico / La Palma (900m)
Telescope: Nikon AF-S Nikkor 70-200mm f/4.0 @ f/4.0
Camera: Nikon D5200A (ISO1600)
Mount: Skywatcher Star Adventurer
Exposure time: 58x1min
Exposure time total: 58min
Notes: Image acquisition by CEDIC team (Michael Hanl, Christoph Kaltseis, Bernhard Hubl, Markus Blauensteiner)

Image processing by Michael Hanl