NGC 6894

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Object data of NGC6894

Object type: Planetary nebula
Size: 0.7'
Magnitude: 14.4 mag
Constellation: Cyg
Distance: 5,400 Ly
Notes: NGC 6894 is a small planetary nebula in constellation Cygnus, which interacts with the interstellar medium (ISM). The stripes near NGC 6894 has been ionized by the central star of this planetary nebula and could have originated from the stripping of the halo of NGC 6894 by the ISM (Soker & Zucker 1997).

Based on the fact that the orientation of the stripes is parallel to the Galactic
plane, the morphology of the stripes are maybe determined by the Galactic
magnetic field. Therfore it is assumed, that the ISM magnetic field is very important in shaping haloes of planetary nebulae. This means, that planetary nebulae can be used as probes for the ISM.

Exposure data

Date: 2016-08-13 + 17 + 22 + 23 + 24 + 25
Location: Nussbach / Austria (400m)
Telescope: 12" Newtonian telescope (f=1120mm)
Camera: QSI 660wsg-8 with Astrodon filters
Binning: L 1x1 / RGB 1x1 / Ha 1x1 / [OIII] 1x1
Mount: ASA DDM85
Exposure time: L 46x2min / RGB 16x2min each / Ha 58x8min / [OIII] 58x8min
Exposure time total: 18h 36min
Notes: Image acquisition in 6 nights with bright moon