NGC 7067  -  wide field

70%  resolution (6.7MB)

Object identification (6.7MB)

Image with 12" Newtonian (f=1120mm)

Object data of NGC7067

Object type: Open star cluster (II 1 p)
Size: 3.7'
Magnitude: 9.7 mag
Constellation: Cyg
Distance: 13,000 Ly
Notes: NGC 7067 is a young open star cluster in the constellation Cygnus. Due to the great distance of 13,000 light-years, the apparent diameter of this open cluster is quite small.

Exposure data

Date: 2021-11-23 + 2021-12-03
Location: Nussbach / Austria (400m)
Telescope: Baader APO 95/560 CaF2 Travel Companion
Camera: Nikon Z6 (ISO 400)
Mount: ASA DDM85
Exposure time: 34x6min
Exposure time total: 3h24min