Berkeley 49

100%  resolution (3.5MB)

Object identification (3.5MB)

200% crop of PN KLW 6 (0.2MB)

DSLR widefield image

Object data of Berkeley49

Object type: Open star cluster (II 3 p)
Size: 4'
Magnitude: 8.7 mag
Constellation: Cyg
Distance: 8,500 Ly
Notes: Berkeley 49 is an open star cluster located approximately 8,500 light-years away in the constellation Cygnus. This cluster is obscured by the dust of the Milky Way which leads to be being strongly reddened: E(B-V) = 0.61mag.

East of Berkeley 49 a brighter emission nebula area is visible. This emission nebula is a candidate for a planetary nebula, and it is catalogued as StDr 103.

The object identification image and the 200% crop image show the small and faint planetary nebula KLW 6, which was discoverd by Kerber, Lercher and Weinberger in 1996.

Exposure data

Date: 2019-07-22 until 2019-08-28 (5 nights)
Location: Nussbach / Austria (400m)
Telescope: 12" Newtonian telescope (f=1120mm)
Camera: QSI 660wsg-8 with Astrodon filters
Binning: L 1x1 / RGB 1x1
Mount: ASA DDM85
Exposure time: L 60x8min / R 19x8min / G 19x8min / B 19x8min
Exposure time total: 15h 36min