Astrophotography by Bernhard Hubl


CEDIC team goes Chile - Introduction

  Which astrophotographer is not eager to become acquainted with the southern sky at a top level location and to acquire long- and short-focal-length images of the southern jewels using high-end equipment?

In the new moon phase around March 1, 2014 this dream came true for the CEDIC team (, consisting of Bernhard Hubl, Christoph Kaltseis, Wolfgang Leitner and Herbert Walter (Herbert Raab was unfortunately not able to participate). With pleasure, we followed the friendly invitation of Daniel Verschatse to his Hacienda Los Andes, an astro farm in Chile, which offers besides an excellent sky and first-class equipment also an outstanding service (both in astrophotography and in accommodation and food service).



  The following equipment was provided by Daniel:
  • TEC RC 20 incl. FLI PL16803 on AP1600GTO
  • RCOS RC 14.5 incl. FLI PL16070 on AP1200GTO (piggy-back: 4 refractor AP Traveler)
  • Apo AP175ED (7) incl. FLI PL29050 on AP1200GTO
  • Apo AP130GT (5) incl. SBIG STL11000 on Alt AD-5
  • For visual observing: 8 TEC-Apo and 12 Dobsonian

Additionally to this list of setups each of us brought two DSLRs with one including a number of telephoto lenses and wide-angle lenses. During a time span of nearly three weeks up to ten cameras were running in each night. Planning and coordinating this huge number of different setups within our team was a true challenge, which we could only master by using the planning tool of CCD-Guide (

In three fantastic weeks on Hacienda Los Andes we could gather more than 500GB of raw data. We grouped our results in 9 different parts:

  • Part #1: Magellanic Clouds
  • Part #2: Classics in Centaurus
  • Part #3: Secrets in Hydra
  • Part #4: Center of Milky Way
  • Part #5: Carina's Highlights
  • Part #6: Near the South Pole
  • Part #7: Vela SNR & Neighbours
  • Part #8: Canis Major
  • Part #9: Jewels & Secrets in Puppis