Sandqvist 141  +  NGC 4372

70%  resolution (7.8MB)

Object data of Sandqvist141

Object type: Dark nebula
Size: 150'
Magnitude: -
Constellation: Mus
Distance: 700 Ly
Notes: Sandqvist 141 builds together with Sandqvist 143, 145 and 146 the so called Dark Doodad Nebula, a dark nebula in the southern constellation Musca. Just to the east of the southern end of the Dark Doodad is the globular star cluster NGC 4372.

Object data of NGC4372

Object type: Globular star cluster (XII)
Size: 18.6'
Magnitude: 7.2mag
Constellation: Mus
Distance: 19,000 Ly
Notes: NGC 4372 is a globular cluster in the constellation Musca at a distance of 19,000 light-years.

Exposure data

Date: 2022-06-03
Location: DeepSkySafaris / Namibia (1,300m)
Telescope: Baader APO 95/560 CaF2 Travel Companion (f=590mm)
Camera: Nikon Z6 (ISO 800)
Mount: Takahashi EM200
Exposure time: 20x6min
Exposure time total: 2h 00min